Fulfil Your Goals

Cheryl Richardson in her book Life Makeovers: 52 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time challenges you to take action to discover how you might need to develop yourself in order to achieve your goal, by trying the following four step process:

  1. Identify someone who is very successfully doing what you’d like to do & write it in your Journal ” One person I admire is ………..”
  2. List three qualities that contribute to this persons success by writing in your Journal “The three qualities I admire most are ……..”
  3. Pick the one quality the one quality you know you need to develop most of all, its the one that causes you to feel excited & scared at the same time. Commit to this by writing in your Journal “The one quality I need to develop is….”
  4. Look for practical ways to develop this quality everyday and write in your Journal “To develop this quality, I will take the following three actions …..”


Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy suggest that today you retreat to a quiet place where you can sit or even lie down in a comfortable position so that you can relax your body. Now close your eyes and let your breathing become slow and steady. Get in touch with the silence within.

Remember there are many different ways to meditate after all it is just intentional concentration on one thing, which can be either secular or spiritual. Perhaps you have become so absorbed in gardening, reading or even balancing your chequebook that your breathing has slowed and you become as single pointed as a panther stalking her dinner. She suggests the following different ways of meditating depending on your inner needs:

  • The Golden Mirror Meditation
  • Writing your Daily Dialogue Pages
  • Gazing into the flame of a candle
  • Concentrating on a sacred word in a centring prayer
  • Focusing on a poetic phrase to find a deeper personal meaning
  • Setting out on a Walking Mediation
  • Baking Meditation
  • Eating a small, moist piece of chocolate cake with exquisite attention & tremendous gratitude.

Trinny & Susannah in their book The Survival Guide: A Woman’s Secret Weapon For Getting Through The Year say that it is the time to think about the art of not looking your age by learning ways to meditate.

  • Media: First they recommend you try going without newspapers and TV for a week. They say that they fill our brains with a relentless diet of drama and chaos. Don’t fret, if world war three breaks out you can be sure someone will tell you. Use the free time to listen to music and read books. Observe how calm and free thinking you become after just a few days.
  • Rhythmic walking: Then instead of pounding away in front of a workout video try going for a long walk. Rhythmic walking is a great form of meditation.
  • A long bath: A long bath with no radio or television allows the brain to unwind as well as the body. Giving freedom to the mind allows it to be creative. Often leading to one of those eureka moments.
  • Light a candle: Focus on a candle flame & notice all the colours & the way it moves. This will help you empty your mind. Thoughts will intrude, just let them float away. Start with a few minutes & slowly build it up. You don’t have to do this every night but you will find the more you do it the easier it gets
  • Prayer: They also recommend trying the following prayer;

Please help me to love and forgive myself.

Help me to forgive everyone who has hurt me and let them go in peace.

Ask for forgiveness from everyone that I have hurt consciously or unconsciously.

Help me to accept myself as I am.

I am part of your world.

I feel your light within me.

I am free.

Consider how you might be able to carve out twenty minutes a day to meditate.

Candlemas Day

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy reminds us to light candles all over our home on Candlemas Day, February 2nd. Bask in the glow. Relax and see how different the world seems without electricity to blur the distinction between night and day. Notice how slow your pace becomes. Consider that you might like to live by candlelight more often. Invest in beeswax candles. They come in a rainbow of exquisite colours and reflect the light beautifully. Store them in the freezer and they will burn twice as long without dripping.

Wardrobe Planning

Today is the day to finally going to come up with a plan for the perfect wardrobe. In the past you may have tried many wise woman’s theories  and odds are, they have always turned out to be a bit of a flop. I bet most were minimalistic, and did not take into account the different aspects of your life and the different seasons in which you live it. The solution is not to have a capsule wardrobe but instead a series of mix and match capsule wardrobes that you can pop in and out of circulation depending on your needs.

First things first, time to download a great playlist that will get you in the mood and help keep you motivated.

The Clean Closet Playlist (The Style Strategy by Nina Garcia)

  • Destiny’s Child “Independent Woman”
  • Depeche mode “Clean”
  • Outcast “So Fresh, So Clean”
  • Christina Aguilera “Beautiful”
  • Michael Jackson “P.Y.T”
  • No Doubt “Just A Girl”
  • Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow”
  • Blondie “The Tide Is High”
  • Maroon 5 “She Will Be Loved”
  • Prince ” Raspberry Beret”
  • Abba “Dancing Queen”
  • Dee-Lite ” Groove Is In The Heart”
  • Jill Scott “A Long Walk”
  • Destiny’s Child “Survivor”
  • Helen Reddy “I Am Woman”
  • Spice Girls ” Spice Up Your Life”
  • Madonna “Vogue”
  • Neneh Cherry “Buffalo Stance”
  • Nicole Wray “If I Was Your Girlfriend”
  • M.I.A “Hombre”
  • Ciara “Goodies”
  • Lady Saw “If I Was A Rich Girl”
  • Snoop Dogg & Pharrell Williams “Drop It Like Its Hot”
  • Salt’n’Pepa “Push It”

Now take a deep breath, be brave and take everything out of your wardrobe and drawers. Bin anything that is stained, discoloured, stretched or damaged. Put in a bag to donate anything that does not fit. Everything else gets piled onto your bed for sorting. (This way you will have to sort it in order to go to bed tonight.)

Now give your wardrobe and drawers a good proper vacuum, get rid of the cobwebs, dust bunnies and whatever else may be lurking in there. Replace drawer liners, scented wardrobe hangers & Damprid.

Now go through the pile and nicely put back the following capsules that relate to your life ( this is going to be the bones of your wardrobe) Any that don’t immediately relate for example the Summer Holiday Capsule place into storage until needed. If an item of clothing appears in more than one capsule this does not mean you need more than one of it, it just means its really versatile and going to get a lot of use. Although very nice to have one for each capsule if you can.

The Corporate Workwear Wardrobe Capsule

You should have enough workday uniform to get you through everyday of the week without having to do any washing.

  • 5 pairs of good quality black or beige knickers (Jockeys Next Generation)
  • A great plain black & beige bra (Berlei Luminous Smoothing Bra)
  • 5 Superfit merino lace edged camisoles (winter)
  • A pair of cashmere/merino dress socks
  • 3 pairs of  Voodoo Shine Firm Control Tights (summer)
  • Berlei Dig Free Opaque Tights (winter)
  • Voodoo Boot tights (winter)
  • Voodoo 200 Opaque’s (winter)
  • 3 fine knit tops (Winter)
  • 3 silky blouse tops (summer)
  • A well tailored dressy black suit jacket, dress, pants & skirt
  • A coloured dress
  • A pair of less formal fitting pants (casual Friday)
  • A longer tunic style top (casual Friday)
  • A cardigan
  • A good quality classic heeled pump
  • A fine not clumpy heeled boot
  • A tailored not slouchy bag
  • A slim belt
  • A watch
  • Pearl stud earrings
  • Diamond stud earrings
  • A fine chain necklace (if you don’t have to wear a lanyard)
  • A brooch (if you don’t have to wear a name badge)
  • A dressy wool coat (winter)
  • Gloves (winter)
  • Scarf (winter)

Now this is the big priority capsule and gets pride of place as its what you wear most. Five days out of seven you will get up and put on something from this capsule after your shower. These are the things you have to make sure you own and are in good condition before worrying about anything else. Naturally these undergarments go in the top drawer at the front and the clothes hang all together on wooden hangers at the front of the wardrobe. Unless they are out of season, then they are folded nicely and stored with other out of season clothes.

Leisurewear Capsule

I really struggled with what to call this capsule wardrobe which is a real shame because its very important and quite a high priority as it gets the second most wear in my life. Twice a week I go to Yoga/Pilates, once a week a belly dance class, at least every six weeks I have a maintenance day at a spa retreat and I try to get out as often as possible for a walk with the dog. Not to mention lounging around at home.

  • 3 pairs of athletic underwear
  • A great sports bra (Triumph Triaction performance, Berlei Electrify or Bendon Medium Impact Bra)
  • 3 pairs of sports socks
  • 3 tank tops (black, white & a grey one)
  • 2 A-line shaped tee’s (not pink or red)
  • A pair of leggings (Triumph Triaction)
  • A white zipped Hoodie
  • A good pair of athletic trainers
  • 2 tracksuits ( suitable for both exercising & lounging in)
  • A lightweight knit cashmere/merino sweater
  • A pair of jeans
  • A nylon waterproof windbreaker
  • A pair of PJ’s
  • A pair of slippers
  • A headband

Now in the really big drawer usually the bottom one in the dresser nicely fold and place in of this capsule except the trainers, windbreaker, jeans and sweater, which go in your wardrobe just behind the Workwear Capsule.

The Weekend Essentials Wardrobe Capsule

This capsule gets next top billing for me as at least two days out of seven are spent enjoying the day off from work, out of uniform. This capsule is all about casual daywear. For me weekends are all about leisurely breakfasts still in my PJ’s, shopping trips to town, eating in cafes, sports supporting, dog walking, home maintenance.

  • 2 pairs of white underwear (Jockey)
  • 1 regular white bra (Berlei)
  • 2 pairs of cashmere/wool/cotton socks
  • A pair of swimmers & a sarong
  • A Pyjamas/sleepwear/loungewear set
  • A pair of track pants & a hoody
  • 2 cotton tanks (black & white)
  • 2 fine knit cashmere/merino tanks (black & grey)
  • 4 soft, silky organic cotton dress t-shirts in black, white, grey & olive
  • A striped boat neck t-shirt
  • 2 long sleeved cotton t-shirt tops (black & white)
  • A crisp cotton tailored white shirt
  • A colourful silky style floral print button down shirt
  • A neutral coloured long draped fine knit cardigan
  • 1 colourful cardigan
  • A lightweight knit cashmere or merino sweater
  • A fine knit polo neck
  • A casual soft cotton knit modern t-shirt dress
  • A casual skirt
  • A pair of shorts (for summer)
  • A pair of smart jeans
  • A pair of casual pants
  • A nylon waterproof windbreaker (see Leisurewear Capsule)
  • A smart casual leather jacket
  • A smart showerproof trench coat
  • A pair of jandals/thongs/flip flops (for summer)
  • A pair of sandals (for summer)
  • A pair of urban sneakers
  • A pair of black studded boots
  • A pair of smart casual flats such as loafers or ballet flats
  • A pair of walking shoes/boots
  • A pair of funky relaxed sunglasses
  • A soft silver chain necklace
  • A colourful casual silk scarf
  • A bangle stack
  • A casual watch
  • A relaxed belt
  • A carryall tote
  • A relaxed handbag
  • A straw trilby hat (for summer)
  • A woollen beanie (for winter)
  • A pair of fingerless gloves (for winter)

Most of this either goes in the drawer next to the Workwear capsule drawer or is hung in the wardrobe behind the Leisurewear capsule stuff. Naturally the out of season items will be stored away with other out of season items.

The Creative Wardrobe Capsule

Once you have all your basic capsules covered time to add a bit of personality with a capsule to cover all those other jobs you do, such as helping out at fundraisers and hosting events, attending art exhibits, book signings etc

  • A black, white, nude & nice underwear set
  • 4 soft, silky organic cotton dress t-shirts in black, white, grey & olive
  • A striped boat neck t-shirt
  • A crisp cotton tailored white shirt
  • A soft tailored silky white shirt
  • A hip length tunic top
  • A merino dress
  • A peplum dress
  • A pair of leather skinny pants
  • A pair of smart cotton twill slim pants
  • A pair of cargo pants
  • A pair of smart jeans
  • A pair of ankle length leggings
  • A little black dress
  • A smart casual leather jacket
  • A tailored black cotton blazer
  • A neutral coloured long draped fine knit cardigan
  • 1 colourful cardigan
  • 1 lightweight knit cashmere or merino sweater
  • A pair of flat shoes
  • A pair of heels
  • A pair of low heeled studded black boots
  • A slouchy shoulder bag
  • A colourful merino scarf
  • A silk scarf

The Smart Day Wardrobe Capsule

This capsule is all about those smart day appointments that require a little extra dressiness don’t happen everyday. For me this is stuff like, more formal lunches, committee meetings, funerals, appointments with accountants, lawyers, dentist etc.

  • Triumph Miraculous silhouette bra & pants in nude
  • Triumph Miraculous silhouette bra & pants in black
  • 4 soft, silky organic cotton dress t-shirts in black, white, grey & olive (see Weekend Essentials Capsule)
  • A striped boat neck t-shirt (see Weekend Essentials Capsule)
  • A crisp cotton tailored white shirt (see Weekend Essentials Capsule)
  • A wrap dress
  • A pair of dark navy jeans (see Weekend Essentials Capsule)
  • 1 lightweight knit cashmere or merino sweater (see Weekend Essentials Capsule)
  • A neutral coloured long draped fine knit cardigan (see Weekend Essentials Capsule)
  • A tailored black cotton blazer
  • A smart showerproof trench coat (see Weekend Essentials Capsule)
  • A smart casual leather jacket (see Weekend Essentials Capsule)
  • A silk scarf
  • A belt
  • A flat shoe
  • A flat boot (for winter)
  • A classic heal
  • A carryall tote

Evening Essentials Wardrobe Capsule

Next for me is the Evening Essentials Capsule for nights out at parties, restaurants, plays, shows and concerts.

  • A lux silk tank top
  • A soft tailored silky white shirt
  • A classic lace little black dress
  • A jewel toned dress
  • A lace pencil skirt
  • A smart pair of dark jeans
  • 1 lightweight knit cashmere or merino sweater
  • A Rabbit fur gilet
  • A soft tailored tuxedo jacket
  • A cropped black velvet jacket
  • An evening coat
  • hosiery
  • A velvet evening flat brocade shoe
  • A smart pair of strappy peep toe stiletto heels
  • A smart pair of metallic pumps
  • A smart pair of bright suede pumps
  • A silk scarf
  • A decorative gold statement necklace
  • A pair of drop statement earrings
  • A filigree bangle
  • A vintage purse
  • A classic clutch evening bag

Chic Daytime Events Capsule

Last but not least the capsule for those special daytime events like weddings, baby showers, races, charity fundraiser events etc.

  • A smart pair of dark was jeans
  • A tailored black cotton blazer
  • Strappy heeled sandals
  • Filigree statement earrings
  • A sparkly metallic edged tank top
  • A silk brocade jacket
  • A pair of navy tuxedo pants
  • A floral silk tailored dress
  • A tailored wool peplum top
  • Wool skirt with leather trim
  • A two toned clutch
  • A stacked ring set
  • A pair of sleek heels

In The City (urban travel break, preferably in Sydney) Capsule

  • Gorgeous lingerie
  • A slip
  • A gorgeous jersey t-shirt
  • A crisp cotton tailored white shirt
  • A soft tailored silky white shirt
  • 1 lightweight knit cashmere or merino sweater
  • A day dress
  • A day skirt
  • A pair of jeans (your best)
  • A pair of cargo style pants
  • A pair of smart dressy tailored black pants
  • A cocktail dress
  • A tailored black cotton blazer
  • A stylish smart showerproof trench coat
  • A soft warm scarf
  • A tote bag
  • An evening clutch
  • A belt
  • An umbrella
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • A pair of boots
  • A pair of flats
  • A pair of heels
  • Workout gear
  • Swimsuit & cover-up
  • Simple jewellery

 A Summer Holiday (preferably at a resort in Fiji) Capsule

  • A long singlet dress
  • A strapless dress
  • A maxi length kaftan
  • 4 easy to wear resort dresses
  • A neutral coloured long draped fine knit cardigan
  • 1 colourful cardigan
  • 1 lightweight knit cashmere or merino sweater
  • A long sleeved t-shirt
  • 4 soft, silky organic cotton dress t-shirts in black, white, grey & olive
  • A striped boat neck t-shirt
  • 4 tank tops
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • A pair of light casual drawstring pants
  • A muslin top
  • A casual denim skirt
  • Workout gear
  • A straw trilby hat
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • A statement necklace
  • A pair of large hoop earrings
  • A cuff
  • A set of colourful bangles
  • A soft cotton scarf
  • A pair of metallic sandals
  • A pair of Havianna jandals
  • A pair of summery sneakers
  • A pair of athletic trainers
  • A colourful straw beach tote
  • A bright cotton sarong
  • A selection of bikinis & swimsuits

Knicker Drawer Must-Haves Capsule

  • 3 pairs of good quality beige knickers (Jockeys Next Generation)
  • 3 pairs of good quality black knickers (Jockeys Next Generation)
  • 1 nude Jolly brief (Triumph)
  • Triumph Miraculous silhouette bra & pants in nude
  • Triumph Miraculous silhouette bra & pants in black
  • 1 great plain nude bra (Berlei Luminous Smoothing bra)
  • 1 great plain black bra (Berlei Luminous Smoothing Bra)
  • 1 great push up bra (Berlei So Smooth Push Up Bra)
  • 1 great sports bra (Triumph Triaction performance, Berlei Electrify or Bendon Medium Impact Bra)
  • 1 great sexy bra (Pleasure State or Heidi Klum)
  • 1 black slip (Essence reversible slip)
  • 1 nude slip (Essence reversible slip)
  • Nancy Ganz Under Bust Slip
  • Nancy Ganz Black Sleek Slip dress
  • Nancy Ganz black belly band hip slip
  • Nancy Ganz Under bust body suit
  • 1 black camisole (Silk body)
  • 1 nude camisole (Silk Body
  • 2 merino camisoles (Superfit)
  • Voodoo Shine Firm Control Tights
  • Berlei Dig Free Opaque Tights
  • Voodoo Boot tights
  • Voodoo 200 Opaque’s
  • Ambra tights

Jewellery Wardrobe Capsule

  • Pearl earrings
  • Diamond earrings
  • hoop earrings
  • chandelier earrings
  • Bangle
  • Pearl necklace
  • Big, colourful, cheep & cheerful cocktail ring
  • Meaningful delicate short necklace
  • Old fashioned charm bracelet
  • Brooch
  • Long necklace
  • Watch

This is a work in progress and will continually be updated

Domestic Crafts

Rhonda Hetzel in her book The Simple Home: A Month-by-month Guide To Self-Reliance, Productivity and Contentment says that August is the time for domestic crafts, sewing and household linens.

I have really stalled looking into this goal as my sewing and craft ability is non existent, I don’t even know how to thread a sewing machine and I’m not sure that I want to. What I do enjoy is cooking, a little bit of gardening and popping the occasional bunch of flowers into a vase. Also I occasionally do and will more often, put creative energy into gift wrapping and cards. But I would far rather shop than sew, I enjoy shopping and savour the whole experience. I love to spend time in little boutiques cultivating a relationship with the proprietor. I love to support local designers and buy kiwi made where possible. I love to shop well. I greatly admire and support local craftspeople both through purchasing their goods and their services but sadly I have no skills in this area and no time,  patience or longing to cultivate any at this stage, however should the situation change I will update.

This may be one goal that takes a while to tick off the list.


Christmas Holidays

Kim Carruthers in her book Less is More: How to De-clutter Your Life she says August is the perfect time to continue planning for the Christmas holidays. Even though there are still 123 days till Christmas, you will enjoy your Christmas shopping a lot more if you aren’t doing it with thousands of other panic stricken last minute Christmas shoppers. Now is the time to make a gift list of who you will buy for and how much you will budget to spend on them. Create a spot where you can keep and store all your gifts where you can keep track of them. Now put a note in your diary to buy a gift for someone off your list this week.

Winter Clothes

Kim Carruthers in her book Less Is More: How To De-clutter Your Life she says August is the perfect time to donate the winter clothes and shoes you didn’t wear. She says that it doesn’t matter why you aren’t wearing them, just take a moment now to put them aside for donation so that you don’t end up with them hanging around next year.

Also if you have kids check that stuff still fits and if not add to the donation box.