May Inspiration

I am off task and directionless veg’ing out with a glass of wine. We achieve nothing if we don’t have goals and I need a little inspiration from the wise women out there for ways in which to improve my May days.

Gretchen Rubin in her book The Happiness Project dedicates May to Leisure and being serious about play by recommending the following

  • Find more fun
  • Take time to be silly
  • Go off the path
  • Start a collection

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy lists the following Joyful Simplicities for May

  • Write your Mother a letter for Mothers Day
  • Learn about the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui
  • Tackle your junk drawer
  • Take pictures of the walls, clear the tables & mantle tops for a week before deciding what to put back & keep
  • Spend an hour pottering to your favourite music while you rearrange your collections of personal mementos and pictures
  • If you have a collection find a way to display it
  • Start regular foraging at garage sales & flea markets
  • Indulge in home decorating books
  • Preserve Autumn leaves
  • Make a vase out of a pumpkin
  • Create an Autumn still life seasonal table with your leaves, pumpkin vase, dried flowers, wheat sheaves etc.
  • Watch old movies from the 1930’s & 1940’s
  • Be happy
  • Be grateful

In Trinny & Susannahs book The Survival Guide: A Womans Secret Weapon For Getting Through The Year they say May is all about making your clothes go further:

  • Its time to reassess your makeup colours now that your summer glow is gone
  • Go through your winter wardrobe & write a list of what’s missing
  • Wash & dry all your swimsuits & store them away in zip lock bags
  • Unpack & polish winter shoes
  • Clean & store away all your summer clothes
  • Start adding a capful of vinegar to your final rinse for woollens to make them more fluffy
  • Make new clothes from old by getting anything that doesn’t fit right altered
  • Get all your dry cleaning sorted
  • Cleanout & organise your wardrobe
  • Invest in a new Jacket

Kim Carruthers in her book Less is More: How to De-Clutter Your Life she suggests the following activities for May

  • Have a hunt for out of season toys & put them away for example swap boogie boards & sand toys for gumboots & umbrellas
  • Organise supplies for mothers day breakfast, keep them together and in easy reach of anyone who may be needing to use them mothers day morning.
  • Make a note in your diary of all birthdays & anniversaries that are coming up in the second half of the year and put reminders a week out for any you need to buy cards or gifts for. Also make a note of any less than happy anniversaries that may require a comforting call, card or flowers for as well.

Rhonda Hetzel in her book The Simple Home: A Month-By-Month Guide To Self-Reliance, Productivity and Contentment she suggests that May is the time to show your laundry some love by

  • Assessing the laundry room & making sure you have the basics covered, washing machine, dryer, work bench, iron & ironing board, drying rack, dirty clothes hamper, shelf space, cupboard, rag bag, broom, mop, bucket, vacuum cleaner & large sink.
  • Clean & organise the room
  • Organise cleaning products into 3 zones: zone 1 laundry liquid, lavender rinse, lavender ironing spray, vinegar spray, cleaning paste, floor cleaner, vinegar & bi-carb: Zone 2 washing soda, borax, bi-carb soda, & essential oils all decanted into labelled containers: Zone 3 lux flakes, washing soda, borax, bi-carb, vinegar, napisan, caustic soda & coconut oil.
  • Deal with the washing; sort into whites & lights, darks & jeans, towels pillowcases & sheets, small items & pantyhose, stained & very dirty, wool, delicates; read the care labels & follow instructions; treat stains, soaking as required, machine wash & lastly hand wash.
  • Drying, set up an outside clothes line in the sun & one undercover for rainy days, a drying rack for inside and a tumble dryer for emergencies.
  • Iron & ironing board & iron spray
  • Try making your own pure soap, laundry liquid, stain remover, cleaning paste & fragrant ironing spay.

Meik Wikings book The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well says that May is the perfect time to spend the weekend in a rustic cabin in the woods. Make sure it has a fireplace, take board games to play and cook your dinners on a BBQ while having a beer.

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