Focus Your Energy

I am prone to procrastination and I have been particularly unfocused lately so it is very good timing that this weeks Take Action Challenge in Cheryl Richardson’s book Life Makeovers: 52 Practical and  Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time is about focusing your energy.

She challenges us during this week to use the first fifteen minutes of each day to create our own ritual, find a comfortable place to write and identify our top three priorities for the week. Next list the actions we’ll take to honour these priorities during the day. And finally , challenge ourselves to identify at least three possible distractions and eliminate them before we start your day.

Personally I find the prospect of doing this every morning before I go to work a little daunting at the moment so I will need to adapt it a little to make it fit into what I’ve already got going on. Which is each Sunday having a meeting with myself and my planner (I use Lisa O’Neill’s Purpose Planner) and planning out my week. So now when I am doing that on a Sunday evening I will add in:

  • What my top 3 priorities for the week are:
  • What the 5 actions I need to take that week to honour these priorities are:
  • What the 3 possible distractions are:
  • What I will do to eliminate these distractions:

And most importantly, to remember to check in with this each morning before I start my day.


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