Creating A Toy Box

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy constantly reminds you that you don’t need to an excuse anymore to make toys a part of your life, if you want to continue to grow as a human being and as an artist, its imperative for you to respect the power of play. That’s why you have to own a toy box. Creating your own toy box symbolically suggest the importance of fun if you are to function at full throttle.

First find the perfect box. A wicker picnic basket, or a small wooden or fabric covered box with a lid can do duty as a toy chest. The lid is the most important feature because what goes in there is your business. These are your toys, maybe you’ll share, maybe you wont.

Now plan a creative excursion to begin filling it:

  • Go to a well stocked stationary & gift shop to get some stickers, coloured paper clips, pretty pencils, whimsical erasers & funny cards that tickle your fancy
  • A milk jug in the shape of a cow
  • A string of chilli pepper lights
  • A magic wand
  • A stuffed teddy bear
  • A beautiful dolls house
  • A large jigsaw puzzle
  • A porcelain doll

Put your stickers and cards in your toy box until the right moment comes along to use them, place the paperclips, erasers & pencils on your desk, hang the chilli lights on your spice rack and put your cow milk jug in the refrigerator. Laugh when you see your toys and let them visually remind you to lighten up.

Now think about think about the toys you yearned for as a child but never had. Its not too late, Start changing your holiday & birthday wish list, you don’t have to get a dust buster. Tell the people in your life  your new preferences.

Iyanla Vanzant in her book Don’t Give It Away: A Workbook of Self Awareness and Self Affirmations for Young Women says that the following toys are essential to have in every girls survival for helping make you feel better on the days when things aren’t going so great.

  • A fuzzy Teddy bear
  • A Barbie doll with two changes of clothes
  • A colouring book and crayons
  • A selection of cartoon movies (Michelle A’Court recommends “Frozen”, Lisa O’Neill recommends “Inside Out” and Trinny & Susannah recommend “Snow White”

Now get your toys, go out and play like a good big girl.


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