Authentic Preferences.

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy urges you today to continue to expand your sense of the possible  and find out more about your own inimitable style. She wants you to consider the following scenarios strictly for fun.

You move into a completely empty house and start from scratch, money is not a consideration. In you Daily Dialogue write down twenty specifics for your ideal home from architectural features to furnishings that are “must haves” for you. Let your imagination and creative flair have free reign. Now answer the following questions:

  • Are any of these items from your past?
  • Where did you first encounter them?
  • Do you remember?
  • How long have you been dreaming about having them?
  • Are any of the items here from your childhood home?

Next imagine that your wardrobe and drawers are empty. You need to fill them. You may either keep favourites from your past wardrobe or buy entirely new items.

  • What are the first 10 things you would either hang up or put away?
  • What comes first for you, comfort or career?

Your kitchen cabinets are bare. You need to buy new china, flatware, glasses and linens for everyday use and for entertaining.

  • Where do you begin?
  • What pattern do you want to see everyday?
  • What shape glass to you enjoy drinking from?
  • Have you ever thought about this?
  • Do you prefer a pottery mug or a paper thin china teacup for your morning brew?

These details are your authentic preferences. Each day you create yourself anew through choice. By paying attention to details, your authentic gestures, you give expression to the most personal of all the arts, making your own imprint on life.

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