Energy Drains

Cheryl Richardson in her book Life Makeovers: 52 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time says that now is the time to start eliminating some of the energy drains that have been draining you physically and emotionally. Using her six step process below, start to free yourself from the emotional strings that bind you.

  1. In your Journal answer the following questions: Is there a phone call you need to make or a conversation you need to have that you keep avoiding? Have you said yes to a commitment that you now regret? Are you involved in a project that no longer holds your interest? Is there something that you’re doing that you know should be delegated to someone else? Are you pursuing a goal that no longer makes sense? Are you holding on to something in your home or office that represents a difficult time in your life or that keeps you attached to the past? Are you dealing with a sick child or an aging parent alone?
  2. Scan your environment for 5 energy drains that have emotional strings attached. Consider the things in your home or office, relationship issues that might be draining you or work related problems that need to be handled. Now list what the 5 energy drains with emotional strings attached for you are.
  3. Schedule time to handle these 5 items. Write down when and at what time you plan on handling these items.
  4. As you schedule to handle them, make sure you get support for those things that you’d rather avoid. Write down the name of the person who you can call to support you with this project.
  5. Build in a reward. Once you’ve finished a task, do something enjoyable to reward yourself & motivate you to continue with the process. Write down what you will reward yourself with when you are finished.
  6. Break the tasks into small steps & get to work.

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