Discovering Your Authentic Self

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy says that one of the surprises that comes when you catch glimpse of your authentic self is the discovery that she is such a positive, upbeat woman. She’s always smiling, calm, reassuring and exuding  confidence. She believes if you do not act this way all the time it’s simply that you haven’t evolved to a higher plane of existence yet. But occasionally you get glimmers of what its like on this higher plane; on a good hair day, when you’ve had eight hours of sleep, when you soar through a business meeting thoroughly prepared, when you fit into last years clothes, when you throw a great party and everyone enjoys themselves thoroughly. When moments like these occur you tend to think that all’s right with the world and everything just fell into place. What you don’t realise is all’s right with yourself, you’re in the flow of life and loving it. You’re in that special alignment place where authenticity and reality merge into wholeness.

She offers the following suggestions to tap into this spiritual energy force more often and access the flow of life more frequently while you learn to live life at full throttle:

  • Meditation
  • Long walks
  • Soaking in scented bubble baths
  • Washing your hair a day before it needs it
  • Smiling at everyone you meet
  • Being more gentle with yourself
  • Watching the sun rise or set
  • Petting an animal
  • Playing with a child
  • Having some small pleasure to look forward to everyday
  • Being grateful
  • Above all being open to change and welcoming it.

Wait, time will unfold and fulfil its purpose. While you wait you must not go unconscious. You must think and grow, rejoice and dream, kneel and pray. There is holiness in the air, you are giving birth to a goddess. Start laughing, you have a new calling.


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