Working With What You’ve Got

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort & Joy says that today you can begin to call forth the riches from your everyday life. Today you can move from lack to abundance. She says you must stop waiting for life to become perfect and start working with what you’ve got to make it as satisfying as possible. She says accept, bless, give thanks and get going. Remember life begets life and energy creates energy. She asks you to think of one thing that would give you a genuine moment of pleasure today and do it.

She offers the following suggestions:

  • Call a friend for lunch
  • Begin to read a novel
  • Try a new recipe for dinner
  • Sit & dream in a comfy deck chair or hang a hammock & lie in it
  • Take up embroidery
  • Go through your personal papers at home & organise your desk to get a fresh start on the new year. Discard as much as you can. Hang your new calendars. Try to make your personal space at home where you do paperwork as inviting as possible.

Be grateful to be alive, scatter joy and smile at everyone you meet.

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