Boost Energy

Gretchen Rubin in her book the Happiness Project decided in January to focus on boosting her energy. She felt that more vitality would make it easier to stick to all the happiness resolutions in the future. Research shows that happiness energises you and that having more energy makes it easier to engage in activities like socializing and exercise that in turn boost happiness. Studies also show that when you feel energetic your self esteem rises.  She decided it is important to tackle both the physical and metal aspects of energy. For her physical energy she needed to make sure that she got enough sleep as a bad nights sleep is one of the top two factors that upsets peoples daily moods. Sleep deprivation impairs memory, weakens the immune system, slows metabolism and fosters weight gain.  To get enough exercise, it boosts energy levels, as people who exercise are healthier, think more clearly, sleep better and have delayed onset of dementia. For her mental energy she needed to tackle her apartment and office which felt oppressively messy and crowded because outer order brings inner peace. Cross off tasks from her to do lists and start acting more energetic as studies showed that acting more energetic leads to becoming more energetic.

  • Go to sleep earlier. Try to get the recommended 7 to 8 hours sleep a night. Try to get ready for bed well before bedtime, keep your bedroom slightly chilly and as dark as possible. Do a few prebed stretches & avoid any work that requires alert thinking near your bedtime.
  • Exercise better Walk more, the repetitive activity of walking triggers the bodies relaxation response & so helps reduce stress while at the same time providing an immediate energy boost & improving mood. Get yourself a pedometer & make sure you hit the recommended daily 10,000 steps that reportedly keeps most people from gaining weight. Start strength training for 20 minutes,a few times a week, lifting weights increases muscle mass, strengthens bones, firms the core & improves shape, because working out with weights helps people maintain more muscle & gain less fat as they age.
  • Toss, restore, organise. Start by going through your personal papers at home & organising your desk to get a fresh start on the new year. Discard as much as you can. Hang your new calendars. Try to make your personal space at home where you do paperwork as inviting as possible.
  • Tackle a nagging task.
  • Act more energetic. Act the way you want to feel, fake it till you feel it.

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