Finding Your Lost Self

Cheryl Richardson in her book Life Makeovers: 52 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time, says that in order to capture something that seems to be missing you need to get to know your inner self in the same way you’d get to know a new lover or friend, by investing a sufficient amount of time and attention in this important relationship. There are many paths that will lead you to your self. Here is a list of just a few of her examples.

  1. Keep a journal. Write your life story. Write about what’s working or what isn’t working in your life. Just write something in order to start an on-going dialogue with yourself. It’s such a powerful way to re-establish a relationship with yourself.
  2. Capture your dreams. Just for a moment forget about your conscious dreams & goals. Keep track of the dreams that take place while you’re asleep. If you were to begin writing down your dreams, even the fragments you barely remember you’d learn a lot about yourself pretty quickly. Plus once you start capturing even the slightest dream thoughts or fragments your subconscious mind gets the message that you’re paying attention & rewards you with a better dream memory.
  3. Create a community of support. Invite a small group of trusted friends to join you in your search for self. Set up regular meetings & use this time to share what your learning about yourself with others. Having a safe place to share your thoughts & feelings will help you uncover valuable information about who you are & what you’re here to do.
  4. Reawaken your spiritual life. Dedicate some time each day to your spiritual life. Study spiritually inspiring literature like the Bible, the Torah, or the Bhagavad Gita. Study the teachings of Jesus Christ, Sai Baba or the Dalai Lama. Return to the rituals & prayers that may have once provided comfort & divine connection. Write letters to God in your journal. This daily practice will keep you surrounded in an atmosphere of spirit & will help you hear the voice of your soul more clearly.
  5. Spend time with yourself. Show up. Schedule time with yourself on a regular basis & increase the duration & frequency over time. Take out your diary or calendar &  schedule appointments for you. For the next 6 months block out some time each week & mark it off in ink. As you schedule this time, increase the amount from month to month. Start out with an hour a week for the 1st month, expand that time to an evening or afternoon for the 2nd month. When someone challenges your commitment stay strong.  Although there will obviously be times when you’ll need to rearrange your schedule, set a new standard that honours your Self first by limiting the interuptions.

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