New Year, New You

In Cheryl Richardson’s book Life Makeovers: 52 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time she says that now you’ve had a chance to celebrate your accomplishments and growth over the past year, it’s time to set a new kind of goal. she suggests that you set an internal goal, one that focuses on how you’ll develop personally or strengthen your character during the next year. She says that by focusing your attention on things like becoming more honest, bold or creative, you’ll find that the how to of your goals gets a whole lot easier. Start by answering the following questions in your journal.

  • What quality would you like to develop more of over the next year?
  • How do you need to grow?
  • This year you intend to…..

Once you’ve decided on the quality you’d like to focus on, follow this three step process. (for example this year I have chosen to be a better listener)

  1. Write a positive a affirmation in the present tense that relates to this goal. (for example my affirmation is “I enjoy being a good listener”)
  2. Post this affirmation where you’ll see it often. ( I have made it my home screen on my phone)
  3. Choose three actions that you can take during the next week to begin developing this quality right away. (1, I will concentrate not on my inner thoughts but on what people say to me, 2, I will remember its not a competition and I will not interrupt or finish other peoples sentences, 3, I will make sure that I completely understand what the other person is saying by asking for clarification and repeating what I think I have heard.)

Once you’ve chosen the quality you’d most like or need to focus on this year, follow the three step process above. Keep your affirmation in clear view and start each week by identifying three action steps that will help you grow. Then make sure you take action. Make the development of this quality your top priority and intentionally focus on the steps that will bring this change about. Be prepared though, as once you have chosen your quality the universe will present you with plenty of opportunities to practice. Stand tall and face these challenges head on.


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