Christmas Debrief

Trinny & Susannah in their book The Survival Guide: A Woman’s Secret Weapon For Getting Through The Year, suggest that you make sure the tree and all decorations are down on the 6th of January.

Kim Carruthers in her book Less Is More: How To De-clutter Your Life offers a bit more instruction. She suggests the following:

  • Put your gift list in next year’s diary, so that you don’t buy anyone the same gift twice.
  • Have a post Christmas fridge cleanout. Go into the fridge and toss/compost all the Christmas leftovers. They are now officially past their use by date & you don’t want a case of food poisoning.
  • Turn your Christmas lights off and unplug them. Now box them up & put them all away.
  • Sort wrapping paper. Now the wrapping is done it’s a good time to revisit your wrapping station. Her theory is that you should have no more than 3 rolls of wrapping paper on hand at most. She has 1 roll of gold for unisex birthdays/housewarmings/baby sowers etc. 1 roll of blue for boys & 1 roll of pink for girls plus a roll of green ribbon & she feels she is set for the year. She then suggests letting the kids use the rest for craft instead of keeping & using reusable calico bags for presents for those you live with. (Personally I am all about going the extra mile to wrap & present gifts, so will not be following this suggestion.)
  • Clean up Christmas cards & letters. Make a list of who you received Christmas cards from & pop it in your December section of your diary so that you have it for next Christmas. Use Christmas card information to update address book. Decide which cards you would like to save for use with scrapbooking. Put them with your scrapbooking supplies & ditch the rest.
  • Unused Christmas ornaments. Take a hard look at the ornament & tinsel still in the box. If you didn’t like them enough to put them up this year, will you need them for the next. Now as you take the rest of the decorations of the tree, decide if they are still in good enough condition to be kept for next year too.
  • Take down the Christmas Tree. If your Christmas tree is real, cut it up and put it in your garden waste. If your tree is artificial it needs to go back into its box & back into storage.
  • Lessons learnt.  Even though you think you will remember , you don’t & as there’s no point in making the same mistake twice, write yourself a quick note of what worked well this Christmas & what you’d change next time. Now put it in the August section of your diary.
  • Put away stray decorations. Go through the house, collect the stragglers & put them away too.

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