Quick Beauty Fixes

Trinny & Susannah in their book The Survival Guide: A Woman’s Secret Weapon For Getting Through The Year say that August is the time to think about getting more time out of your day by learning some quick beauty fixes.

Hangover cure: If you know you are going to be having a few drinks, have two aspirins before you leave. Take a handful of almonds with you to eat on the way to help line your stomach. Have two more aspirin & a Berocca in water before you go to bed. Eat a handful of parsley in the morning to get rid of the morning breath and use some Eyedew to relieve bloodshot eyes.

Tired face: While you take a rejuvenating bath with a face mask of live youghurt for 10 minutes.

Perspiration marks: If you have run out of deodorant a slice of lemon rubbed on the armpits can help prevent perspiration marks on your clothes.

Deodorant marks: To remove a deodorant mark take a damp, not white flannel and wipe down, then dry the damp patch with a hairdryer.

Dirty hair: When you don’t have time to wash your hair give it a spray with Kelvin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo then pop on a silver or gold funky headband to disguise greasy hair.

Puffy eyes & bags: Apply preparation H haemorrhoid cream as a thick mask for 5 minutes to reduce puffy eyes.

Spots: Apply toothpaste to a spot and leave overnight to greatly reduce inflammation.

Panda eyes: Always have some Q-tips on hand to fix your old smudged make-up.

Close shave: If you run out of shaving foam, olive oil or talcum powder will give just as good a shave.



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