July Debrief

I think I did a little better with my July goals than my June goals. I did manage to tick off a few and with the start of August just around the corner, I am excited by the chance to achieve a few more goals.

Gretchen Rubin in her book The Happiness Project dedicated July to Money: buying some happiness with the following ideas:

  • I do now choose to ask myself  how does this support my happiness goals before indulging in a modest splurge. I decided that Trinny & Susannah’s plan of putting aside 10% of your housekeeping money to makeover yourself after having done work to decide you deserved it was not really for me.
  • I am trying not to be cheap and make sure I am always well stocked with needed things, although I did run out of both milk & tampons once this month. Lucky I have a husband willing to do an emergency stop at the petrol station on his way home from work.
  • I am still really bad at holding onto old broken worn out things while I save the new replacement for a special occasion. It just feels so wasteful to chuck something that is still workable.
  • I have decided to give up two of my magazine subscriptions and cut my morning coffee fix down to 3 days a week and I am channelling the saved money into a Christmas club account.

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy suggested the following joyful simplicities for July to help bring more harmony to my everyday life:

  • I have ordered the book Out Of The Garden: Women Writers on The Bible and am waiting for it to arrive.
  • I have bought Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, Catering For Nobody, Dying For Chocolate and Cereal Murders by Diane Mott Davidson and I am currently reading Reckless Appetite: A Culinary Romance by Jacqueline Deval
  • We ate Beef in red wine while watching Babette’s Feast.
  • I have bought the Cake Bible and have committed to making a new cake from it every Sunday, so far I have made pound cake and deluxe double vanilla pound cake
  • I wrote and posted a love letter to myself but have not opened it, I’m saving it for when I need a boost.
  • I am reading Elizabeth Barrett Browning poems after purchasing a book of her collected works.
  • I added some lace to my life in the form of some new lingerie, some new camisoles and a black top.
  • I framed two childhood pictures of myself and placed them on my dresser.
  • I have stocked the larder and put in place a menu plan & shopping list.
  • I did force some hyacinths bulbs to flower inside but did not have great results I think I left it too late in the year.
  • I always do wear perfume everyday
  • I have tried to wear red lipstick everyday this month, my application still needs work but is much better than it was at the start. This really did push me out of my comfort zone and I felt quite self conscious until I got use to it.
  • I did treat yourself to one long stem rose for your desk as well as a vase for it to go in
  • I downloaded Cole Porter onto my music player but have since switched the songs out for more modern versions, such as those by lady Gaga.
  • I have not watched Out of Africa but I have ordered the DVD and am waiting for it to arrive
  • I have not read Isak Dinesen & Beryl Markham
  • I did make a batch of old fashioned chocolate fudge which I took to work to share.
  • I did not create a sacred space, I think I need a little more direction with this one

Trinny & Susannah in their book The Survival Guide: A Woman’s Secret Weapon For Getting Through The Year said that July was the time to think about the art of not looking your age by doing some of the following:

  • I did not sort my skiing kit, it does not snow here and I can not ski.
  • I didn’t book a mid-winter facial & eyelash tint, I did book and  have an eye trio done though.
  • I have not completely given up cappuccino & croissants but I have given up the croissants but I have only reduced my morning coffee to three times a week
  • I did turn your mattress with the help of hubby.
  • I didn’t have any jewellery fancy enough to warrant special cleaning
  • I may need to still work on introducing some spiritual solutions to my everyday life
  • I am still limiting the amount of news I am exposing myself too.
  • I am continuing to collect goodies for the bath and escaping off for a good restorative soak regularly
  • The beauty tips I am regularly following are, singing in my car every morning, taking my fish oil supplements, drinking camomile tea and going to bed early.
  • I am learning how to eat my way to gorgeousness through switching my morning porridge accompaniments from brown sugar & cream to berries, apple & cinnamon. But I think the menu as a whole that they suggested I might save for when Hubby is away and I’m just feeding myself.

Kim Carruthers in her book Less is More: How to De-clutter Your Life said July was the perfect time to do the following jobs

  • I did sort & clean all my bags
  • I need to sit down with the family next time everyone is home and reassess our families goals
  • I am continuing planning for the Christmas holidays
  • But I still have not sorted my tax return

Rhonda Hetzel in her book The Simple Home: A Month-by-month Guide To Self-Reliance, Productivity and Contentment said that July was the time for simple home bakes which worked well with my cake baking meditation I am now embarking on every Sunday thanks to the cake bible.

A lot of the things I have introduced to my life this month have had the surprising effect of making me feel more romantic and feminine. I think it is the accumulative effect of romantic literature, movies, music, lace, flowers, baking, and of course the red lippy. On the down side I think I may have spent more money than I saved. I will definitely still keep working on this list of goals and am very much looking forward to what next month may bring.


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