Kim Carruthers in her book Less is More: How to De-clutter Your Life she says July is the perfect time to sort and clean all your bags.

Handbags: Tip out your handbag, this is one time that its ok to tip everything out. Do it into a plastic bag so you don’t get dust and debris everywhere. Remember to sort everything properly, don’t just but it back in or leave it in a pile lying around. Also go and find all those other bags that go with other outfits and the ones lurking in the back of your wardrobe.  Give them a good cleanout and make sure nothing is hiding in them. Now decide if they are still worth keeping before you put them away and any that arnt either biff out or donate.

Wallet: Open the wallet, dump the trash, scan, photograph or file the receipts you need. You may be amazed at how much better it is already. Remember to add any tickets (events not traffic) to your scrapbook folder. If you need coins for the laundry mat or parking put them where you need them instead of in your wallet where you’ll spend them. Photograph your loyalty cards that don’t need scanning or stamping onto your phone so you don’t need to lug them around with you. Also lay out and photograph your important cards to so that if you loose them you have a backup and can easily quote the numbers. Remember to put your wallet & phone back in your handbag.

Briefcases, Backpacks & Nappy Bags: Take 15 minutes to get your bag and unearth the clutter in the bottom. Its amazing what you find lurking in the bottom of old bags. Do one bag at a time. Give it a quick wipe over with a damp paper towel and you wont recognise it.

Schoolbags: Inspect the schoolbag. Take out all the notes, invitations and artwork. Wash the lunch boxes, and check the bottom of the bag for any escaped food.


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