Spiritual Solutions

Trinny & Susannah in their book The Survival Guide: A Woman’s Secret Weapon For Getting Through The Year say that July is the time to think about the art of not looking your age by introducing some spiritual solutions to your everyday life They say that after sun damage and smoking, the biggest factors that age us are anger and stress. Taken together on a daily basis they add a lot of misery and tiredness to the face. Small changes on the inside can trigger big changes on the outside. Here are some of their suggestions to help counter anger and stress.

  • Morning prayer: Each morning start your day by asking your higher power for love & protection
  • Resentments: Try accepting rather than resenting the past to allow you to approach today with love rather than anger. Remember the past is over & cannot be changed. The only thing you can change is right now.
  • Try: If you do your best possible today then you will have your best day possible.
  • Breath Deeply: If you feel panicked or breathless, cross your hands over the centre of your chest, between your breasts,this is called your heart chakra. Now breathe slowly & regularly in & out through your nose until you feel settled.
  • Remember: The journey is as important as the destination so do your part of what is required, then let go of the result.
  • Find the positive: Although it may not be obvious, look for the positive aspect in every situation, it is there somewhere.
  • Evening Prayer: Every evening thank your higher power for all the experiences, challenges & benefits of your day.

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