Add Some Lace To Your Life

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy suggests adding some lace to your life in July to help bring more harmony to your everyday life. She suggest adding a little more romance to your life by adding a bit of lace to a suit or a pantry shelf.

Trinny & Susannah in their book What Your Clothes Say About You: How To Look Different, Act Different And Feel Different remind us that just because we no longer have the body of a twenty year old, we are still all woman and it is important to feel sexy. They say that sexy underwear really helps build positive feelings about your attractiveness and confidence that your body is still desirable. Nothing feels sexier than silk and lace next to the skin. So get yourself  properly measured, then invest in some inviting undergarments that make you feel girly again. In their Book Who Do You Want To Be Today: Be Inspired To Dress Differently they suggest that to help channel your inner hot and sassy night time bombshell sexy underwear is your best investment. They say always find a way to show a flash of lacy bra edge, whether its a button that you dizzily forgot to fasten or a cheekily dropped shoulder strap, always contrive to flash a bit of gorgeous lace clad cleavage.

Nicky Hambleton-Jones in her book How To Be Gorgeous: Wear It Your Way And Feel Like A Goddess Every Day suggest adding lace to your life in the following ways to add a little Victoriana vintage style fit for a queen :

  • Lace Trim accessories such as delicate cuffs or pretty detachable collars add a touch of period drama to any outfit, while lace printed plastic bangles will add a more modern flair.
  • For a touch of daytime drama or a chance to really vamp it up for the evening try a fitted black top with lace around the neckline. For best effect pair it with a leather jacket & tulip skirt or distressed jeans accessorised with boots & a tapestry bag.
  • For a more dramatic evening look try a white lace blouse paired with a black satin corset , distressed jeans & boots

I was in bad need of some new camisoles and while I usually always buy plain ones today I picked up three new ones all of which are edged in lace that I’m sure will peak out the edges of many serious work outfits hinting at the romantic beneath that I am slowly trying to cultivate piece by piece this month.

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