Buy Needful Things

Gretchen Rubin in her book The Happiness Project suggests buying some happiness by buying needful things. In her book she talks about the downside of underbuying, Underbuying is delaying making purchases or buying as little as possible. Underbuying often causes you to feel stress because you don’t have the things you need , have to make a lot of emergency dashes to the store and are surrounded by things that are shabby, don’t really work or aren’t really suitable. You would be happier if you made a mindful effort to buy what was needed. As Samuel Johnson said ” To live in perpetual want of small things is a state, not indeed a torture, but of constant vexation.”

Be careful though of going to far the other way. Overbuying can also lead to stress as you feel oppressed by the number of errands you feel obliged to do and the clutter and waste often created by your overbuying.

The perfect example of this happened the other night, something important at home broke late after dinner and I badly needed some glue to fix it. I searched high and low for some but I new that last time I used it, I used the last of it, I had put it on the list for that weeks shopping, then at the store thought I don’t really need it right now and just never replaced it, each time telling myself, I’d grab some next week. You try to make do with whatever you find around the place but it just doesn’t work, it just leads to frustration and disappointment. Tomorrow I will buy 2 tubes of glue, one for this fix and one for the next emergency.

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