Conquering PMT

Trinny & Susannah in their book The Survival Guide: A woman’s Secret Weapon For Getting Through The Year say that June is the time to think about being happy, healthy & wise by learning to stabilise energy levels, correct imbalances & conquer PMT. The best way to do this is to live a simple life where there is a balance of fresh home cooked food, physical exertion, a well occupied mind and the support of a loving family. For some slightly more proactive tips from Trinny and Susannah that you can control see below.

Eat Well

  • Eat 3 moderate meals a day with two protein snacks such as nuts or a hard boiled egg.
  • Vary your diet by making sure each meal contains about 50% protein, 30% vegetable (not potatoes) & 20& carbohydrates (this includes fruit)
  • Eat regularly & don’t skip meals which can leave you prone to mood swings including anger, aggression, irritability, over sensitivity, weepiness & a feeling of vulnerability.
  • If you cant fit in a meal have one of the following snacks instead: yoghurt smoothie, hummus or peanut butter on a rice cake, tinned fish on rice crackers or a soya protein drink.
  • Avoid & stay away from refined carbohydrates, wheat products & salty foods which can depress the metabolism, create bloating & water retention, cause fuzzy headedness, constipation, mood swings, muscle soreness, weight gain & skin problems.

Beat Fluctuating Energy Levels

  • Avoid refined carbohydrates
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Limit coffee, tea & soft drinks
  • Don’t smoke
  • Drink a tea made of green tea, rosehips & dried rose flowers.
  • Take a 3 gram Omega 3 fish oil supplement daily
  • Take a daily multivitamin that contains iron glycinate, magnesium, vitamin E & 100mg of vitamin B6
  • Take 4000mg of  evening primrose oil daily
  • Take a daily 1000mg vitamin C supplement with your evening meal
  • From the age of 40 take a daily digestive aid containing Betaine Hydrochloride

Help Correct Imbalances

  • Relax by taking 20 minutes in the middle of the day to lie down & listen to a calming hypnotherapy CD
  • Have regular chiropractic adjustments 4 times a year to spine flexible & allow free circulation around nerves & blood vessels.
  • Attend regular Yoga & Pilates classes for muscle strength, flexibility, balance & calm.
  • Look at having Colon Hydrotherapy treatments twice a year.

Alternative Ways To Keep Your Colon Clean and Healthy

  • Take a probiotic capsule every morning
  • Drink a glass of warm water with the juice of 1 lemon in it every morning
  • Have 1/2 a tsp. of barley grass powder in water daily
  • Eat bran regularly
  • Eat an apple a day
  • Eat steamed broccoli with olive oil & garlic regularly

Dealing With Period Pain

  • Wrap up warm & place an ice pack across the lower back for 15 minutes
  • Gentle exercise


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