Handbag Essentials

Also as part of Trinny and Susannah’s healthy, happy wise June month in their book The Survival Guide they recommend buying yourself a treat of some Lavender essential oil to keep in your handbag. According to them you cannot beat it for planes, pillows and room disinfectant.

In Trinny & Susannah’s, What Your Clothes Say About You: How to Look Different, Act Different and Feel Different they recommend you get some aromatherapy roll-ons to keep in your bag to help de-stress , lavender & camomile for stress, tension & headaches; frankincense, orange & juniper for relaxation and Manuka tea tree for minor bumps, scrapes and spots. Apply to wrists, close eyes and breathe deeply from the abdomen for a couple of minutes and repeat the following mantra “I am the best that I can be right now”. Always keep a few baby wet wipes in a zip lock bag at the ready (home, car, bag, etc.) there are a myriad of minor disasters that can be rectified with these simple things.

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