Christmas Holidays

I know its June and it feels like Christmas is a long time away, but its coming people and its coming fast. As I am attempting to learn from other woman’s wisdom by following their advice, when Trinny & Susannah in their book The Survival Guide: A Woman’s secret weapon for getting through the year say that June is when you want to start planning your Christmas Holiday, I think I should listen. Every year I swear that this is the year I am going to become more organised and every year it gets to December and I run round like a crazy woman trying to pull together the perfect Christmas or at least a passable one. The problem is knowing when to start cause that sucker sneaks up on you, one minute its months away and the next thing you know its the end of November, the busy seasons here and you are still at square one , with no clue what your doing.  But this year I have a secret weapon or two up my sleeve, not only do I have Trinny & Susannah to remind me to make a start and to do it now, I’ve also come across a website called On this website they have ready made plans for you to follow and they have monthly assignments as part of their Rudolf club. Junes assignments are too:

  • Gather and organise your holiday recipes (they provide a printable recipe planner to get you started, no problem)
  • Haul out Aprils “Gifts To Make” printable planner form & get crafting? (oops maybe I did need to start sooner)
  • Keep adding to the holiday letter that you started in February. (double oops!)
  • Keep up with the Christmas club savings plan ?????
  • Monitor the progress of your gift closet and add any new things to your printable “Gift Closet Inventory Form” in your “Holiday Notebook”. ( at least thanks to previous advice from Trinny & Susannah I have started a gift drawer, yay)
  • Start collecting jars now for homemade gifts. (can do)

Yes this is a big task and it is more than a little daunting at this stage but I Know that any steps I take now are going to save me work and stress further down the path, or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself while I choose a plan and start printing up my forms.

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