Spring Bulbs

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy suggest that during June you should visit a nursery to purchase miniature daffodil, paper white, hyacinth and tulip bulbs for forcing to blossom inside to brighten your spirits and home with fragrance and colour in winter.

Lisa O’Neil in her book Look Gorgeous, Be Happy: What a Woman Wants says that its not just the actual beauty & amazing smell of the flowers that make you happy but also the reason for having them. That you have enough time to grow & pick them or you have earned enough money to buy them or that you have done something wonderful to be given them.

So although it is one of my goals for June to force some spring bulbs to flower inside, I am currently time poor. However I am very happy that I have earned enough money to buy them and I truly feel that no matter how I got them, their colour & fragrance will still brighten my spirits & home this winter.

Next June if I am lucky enough to have enough time I plan to grow my own.

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