Library Treasures

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy recommends for some frugal fun that once a month you visit your local library and read some new magazines you don’t normally subscribe to.

If I am completely honest, although this is one of my June Goals, it is very unlikely I am going to do this. I already subscribe to an unusually large number of magazines. Many of which I use loyalty points to receive for free, as I really like to get something out of my letterbox when I get home that’s a happy treat instead of just bills. Also I am not the worlds biggest library fan, any book I like enough to want to check out I’m not going to want to give back. So I prefer book stores both new & used.

3 thoughts on “Library Treasures

  1. For the longest time there, I didn’t buy books (only borrowed them) because I wanted to be a minimalist. Then, I realized there was something amazing about owning a few specific books. Like, I could never get into borrowed cookbooks because I never had enough time to go through them. What sorts of magazines do you subscribe to?


    • I am currently subscribing to seven different magazines, a women’s weekly, a food one, a country living one, a consumer one, a life & leisure one, one dedicated to conscious living and last but not least an upmarket ladies one. The food, consumer & country living ones have recently replaced ones on travel, home design & gardening. I completely agree about not borrowing cookbooks, not only does it take time to savour them but sometimes you also really need to write notes in them as you tweak the recipes to make them your own. Have you read Stuffocation: Living more With Less by James Wallman, It’s a great book on becoming a minimalist?

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