Find More Fun

Everybody’s idea of fun is different and I have a pretty good idea of what most of my loved ones idea of fun is, after all for a very long time knowing this was just part of me doing my job as a mother, wife, daughter & friend. Now that I have the time and freedom to indulge myself occasionally I’m not really sure what I truly find fun anymore. Where to start?

Cheryl Richardson in her book, Life Makeovers, 52 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time says that having fun is a vital component of a high quality life and she suggest that you should make a sign that says ” Am I Having Fun Yet” and hang it up to remind you to make sure you do something fun for at 30 minutes twice a week. She offers the following list as suggestions

  • Ice skating with kids
  • Taking the afternoon off to see a funny movie
  • Going dancing with a friend
  • Playing video games with friends
  • Going to a toy shop
  • Holding a kitten
  • Eating a big ice cream
  • Going to a park to play on the jungle gym, slide & swings
  • Going to the beach
  • Going to the local swimming pools.

Trinny and Susannah in their book What Your Clothes Say About You: How To Look Different, Act Different And Feel Different they recommend some of the following things

  • Enrolling in a completely frivolous evening class one night a week to make sure that a least one night a week you leave work on time and go do something fun like paper-mache sculptor.
  • Create new looks. Put on some loud music , have a fashion parade in front of your mirror & rearrange your wardrobe into outfits you haven’t but would love to wear.
  • Get very messy and go paint balling
  • Go camping with your friends preferably somewhere muddy
  • Grab yourself a bowl of strawberry ice cream and settle in for some silly girly chick flicks. They recommend both the Legally Blonde & Brigit Jones series.

Jodie Hedley-Ward in her book You Sexy Mother: A Life Changing Approach to Motherhood talks about the importance of having a weekly date night where you don’t talk about the kids all night and instead have fun to connect on a deeper level.  She offers up the following ideas for inspiration.

  • Going to the movies
  • Dinner out
  • Sports events
  • Meeting up with friends
  • Comedy nights
  • Quiz nights
  • Desert & coffee evenings
  • Going to the theatre
  • Going to the ballet
  • Live music at a wine bar
  • Going to a concert
  • Attending an art gallery event
  • Going out dancing

Next step pick three things that I think will be fun and schedule into my diary over the next week or so.

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