Comfort Aromas

Sarah Ban Breathnach remind us in her book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of comfort and Joy talks about the simple pleasure of indulging our sense of smell in comfort aromas. Reminds you to think about indulging in some of the following scents today:

  • Waking to the aroma of coffee & bacon
  • Walking around an Italian market
  • Baking fresh bread
  • Going to a Chinese restaurant for lunch
  • Browsing through a used book store
  • Picking out a new signature scent from a large department store
  • Experiment with blending your own potpourri
  • Polishing your furniture with lemon scented polish
  • Gong for a walk through the woods
  • Lying on your lawn
  • Picking a bouquet of flowers
  • Planting rosemary, sage, lemon verbena, tarragon, mint, bay & lavender.
  • Getting a scented geranium for your bathroom
  • Simmer cloves, orange rind, cinnamon & apples to make your own mulled wine or cider
  • Using olive oil, plum tomatoes, garlic, onions sausage & peppers to make your own pasta sauce for dinner
  • Enjoy a scented bubble bath followed by a dusting of Johnson’s baby powder.

I also believe that you should replace your soaps, laundry powders & detergents etc. with ones you love the smell of too.

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