Creative Movement

In Sarah Ban Breathnach book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy she urges us not to think of working out as exercise or fitness, to forget about gyms, jogging, weights and aerobic classes. To instead spend your time on life enhancing, enjoyable pastimes that she refers to as creative movement. She recommends the following:

*Dancing, ballet, jazz or tap



*Horseback Riding




*Riding a Bike


*Tai Chi



In Kimberly Crossman’s book Love You: Be Your Best and Live Your Dreams she talks about exercise as being an important part of learning to love yourself. About it being pointless doing something you don’t enjoy just because you feel you should and instead to find a sport or hobby that gets you moving that you love. That when you choose something where you get to socialize, learn a new skill and use your brain, it becomes a pleasant experience that you enjoy as opposed to a chore. She also highly recommends:

*Dance classes

*Walking with Friends.

*Switch catching up for coffee with friends to meeting for a walk at the beach or park

*Adding variety and mixing things up to hold off boredom and keep you motivated

*Use Music to help keep you motivated

*Stretching maintains flexibility as you age and helps you heal faster

*Getting your heart rate up helps fight of disease as you age

* Change no carbs to low carbs as you need them to have the energy to exercise


Personally I’m a little bit time poor so I like the ease and convenience of taking a class a gym, I absolutely love Les Mills, Body Flow/Body Balance as it combines Plates, Yoga and Tai Chi into one convenient hour workout which I go to twice a week. If you have read any of my previous Blogs you will know that I also attend a weekly Belly Dance class that I feel works out my brain just as much as my body and I do like to walk although I don’t do it as regularly as I should or would like.

In Caroline Jones book The Desperate Housewife’s Guide to Life and Love: Essential Survival Strategies for Enjoying Your Family, Career, Friends and Sex Life. She recommends a good sports bra, top, a pair of shorts & jogging bottoms for working it when you’re working out.


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