Thrift Shop Pleasures

After yesterday’s Affordable Luxuries exercise it has become painfully obvious that Sarah Ban Breathnach and I don’t share the same definition of affordable as each other, luckily she is also an advocate of Thrift Shop foraging. I am a firm believer that one size does not fit all and that what looks hideous on one person may look absolutely fabulous on another. So for the price of a little time, a few bucks, a good clean and a quick mend your best ever bargain buy might be just around the corner.

Follow Sarah Ban Breathnach s advice in Simple Abundance: A daybook of Comfort and Joy and this week carve out some time alone when you’re not tired or stressed to go thrifting. Make your first stop a genuine charitable thrift shop, your next stop should be a consignment shop where women discreetly sell of their unwanted last season’s purchases and lastly a vintage clothing boutique where you can find one of a kind gems from days gone by.

When I did this great exercise I found the perfect fitting locally made vintage leather biker jacket at the perfect price.

Definitely something I feel well worth making a new regular pastime.


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