Affordable Luxuries

There are some times in life when just need a little self-pampering in the form of a treat and more often than not it always seems to coincide with the times you’re more than a little strapped for cash. You don’t want to through away what little money you do have on just some meaningless junk you want something that will give you some genuine joy.

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her Book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy recommends the following:

*Getting some wood for the pleasure of sitting in front of a blazing fire

*Adding real whipped cream & shaved chocolate to hot cocoa drunk in front of the fire

*Investing in cashmere socks while you save for the jumper

*Getting the talc & body lotion to go with your favourite perfume

*Investing in silk underwear

*Investing in white cotton PJ’s

*Investing in a great leather bag that goes with everything

*Forgoing the paper tissues in favour of white linen handkerchiefs

*Getting your hair cut & coloured

*Having a manicure

*Replacing the cheap plastic buttons on something with beautiful quality ones

*Getting a facial

*Having a massage

*Wearing your special occasion jewellery

Sophie Gray: The Destitute Gourmet, in her book Live Well, Spend Less: Easy Ways to Save Money in Every Part of Your Life recommends that you choose one or two things from your luxuries list every time you do your weekly grocery shop to help keep you on track and prevent major blow outs.

Sophie’s Luxury List (Things that aren’t essential but are nice)

*Dangly things to hang in the loo


*Ready Made Items such as fresh or frozen deserts

*Readymade or semi prepared meal bases such as fresh pasta, tortillas, pizza, pizza bases

*Anything from the in store bakery unless its on special

*Heat & eat packet meals

*Beer & wine

*Trendy cereals & drinks

* Fancy oils

* Kids foods like nuggets

*Lunchbox snack products like individual chippie packets, muesli bars, cheese shapes, yogurts & confectionary

*Specialist butchery items such as boned stuffed chicken or marinated meats

*Specialist ingredients like vanilla pods

*Special cheeses like, ricotta, brie, stilton etc.


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