Date Night

hilda loveAnother aspect from Trinny and Susannah’s mum wisdom that I thought warranted implementing into my life is the suggestion of committing to a regular date night. Now just because we are no longer at the stage where we need to take a break from the kids doesn’t mean we don’t still need to regularly take time from our busy schedules to spend some quality time together.

Trinny & Susannah in What your clothes say about you: How to Look Different, Act different and Feel Different recommend that you make time to be alone with  your partner, make dates to go out with your partner, talk to them and listen to them. You need time alone to keep romance alive and romance needs intimacy and shared experience to survive. They also suggest putting on some red lippy, dressing like a showstopper and going out dancing with him.

Jodie Hedley-Ward in You Sexy Mother: a Life-Changing Approach to Motherhood she suggests that you reignite the romance with your partner by establishing a weekly date night. She clearly stats that you first need to decide that you and your relationship are worth it, then work out what night would suit you best each week , talk to your partner about your plan and write down a list of fun things you could do over the next six weeks. She offers some suggestions: going to the movies, dinner out, sports events, comedy nights, quiz nights, theatre, ballet, concerts, art exhibitions and dancing. She also suggests having a list of people you can ask for help if required to help achieve this goal.

In Caroline Jones book The Desperate Housewife’s Guide to Life and Love: Essential Survival Strategies foe Enjoying Your Family, Career, Friends and Sex Life. She says to keep your love alive schedule lunch or dinner dates at least once a week and recommends the following dating etiquette

  • Dating should always be fun & its as much your job as your partners to do everything you can to make it enjoyable with an open & positive attitude.
  • Try not to be opinionated & avoid discussions on politics & religion on these occasions, keep it light.
  • Be a good listener & don’t talk your partner to death, ask them lots of questions.
  • Make your partner feel they are the only person in the room, by paying them lots of attention and making eye contact.
  • Stick to one or two drinks tops to get the conversation going, drinking more than this is never a good idea.
  • Avoid see through clothes, too low tops & too high hemlines.
  • Invest in a good fitting satiny bra with pretty trim that supports & shapes your breasts fitted by a professional. Avoid lace ones that can look lumpy bumpy under some clothes.
  • Show some smooth bare leg not with a miniskirt but with great shoes
  • Draw attention to your neck by wearing tops that emphasize your neck & collarbone that doesn’t dip beneath your breasts, only hint at what is concealed.
  • Wear soft, inviting, touchable fabrics like satin and cashmere.
  • Double check that clothes fit well and that you have no VPL.

As for us tonight, we are just off to the Movies, and we often do find much other more interesting things to do, it is not the quality of dates we struggle with but the quantity so the real challenge will be making them a priority and incorporating them into our normal weekly routine.


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