Wildest Dreams

Hilda DreamsI don’t know about you, what with everybody being at different ages and stages of their life’s journey but I already have a slight inclination towards collecting expensive shoes, am aware and working on the fact that I struggle to find enough quality time to spend with my friends and partner. And although my children are now mostly grown and gone any opportunity I do get to spend walking and talking with them I already find to be a far more valuable use of time than any gym session. Hula Hooping however is an entirely different situation, I fear I may be hula impaired. What did strike a chord for me from yesterday’s shared bit of womanly wisdom from Trinny and Susannah was the bit about wildest dreams. It had a very familiar ring to it. I realised that although the name was different the concept was the same as something I have seen suggested time and time again in many books offering up womanly advice to help us grow into the people we hope to be. That’s the stuff I’m really interested in, I feel like if so many wise woman all independently find such worth in something that not only must they share it but also encourage as many of us as possible to try it there must be something to it.

Trinny & Susannah in What Your Clothes Say about you: How to look different, act different, feel different, talk about writing a list of your wildest dreams, being as creative and out there as possible. Figuring out which are your deepest desires and which are only pipedreams. Choosing one and taking one action, no matter how small towards making it a reality every weekday.

Sarah Ban Breathnach in Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy talks about something she calls Secret Lives. She urges you to write a list of ten imaginary alter egos, to imagine if you had ten other lives to lead, in an ideal world what would you be doing? Then to write a little about each one, how they live etc., then to figure out how you could reconcile fantasy with reality and to find ways to incorporate pieces of these into your real everyday life.

Julia Cameron in The Artists Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering your Creative Self she talks about Imaginary Lives. She asks you if you had five other lives to lead, what would they be. She asks you not to overthink it, just to jot them down , look over your list, select one, then to do something that week towards it. She also asks you to repeat the whole process very week for the next twelve weeks.

So in my wildest dreams the secret imaginary lives I would be living are, a belly dancer – taking lessons, a writer – doing this, a B&B operator – doing up a big old fabulous house in the country, a Chef – maybe I could look at some classes and last but not least a detective – might have to think about that one a bit.

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